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The mountains and valleys of the Prokletije/Bjeshkët e Nemuna range which straddles northern Albania, southern Montenegro and western Kosovo are ideal for multi-day treks on foot or long distance mountain bike tours. Walking from 6 to 9 hours a day along valley paths and over high mountain passes with a background of


Approaching M.Arapit 2217m, Albania

spectacular rocky peaks in this relatively unknown corner of Europe is a mountain traveller’s paradise. From meadows where the hay is still cut by scythe and stored in pikes in the traditional way, up through forests of beech and pine, to the high pastures where

shepherds bring their sheep each summer and further up to the dry bare limestone rock strata you will walk through a riot of wild flowers, especially in spring or early summer.  However, these are serious mountains for which you will need proper mountain footwear and the fitness and experience for quite long, sometimes very long and strenuous days walking with up to 1500 metres or more of ascent and descent on rocky paths.

It is also important to remember that by staying in farmhouses or hotels you are bringing income into the local economy which enables people to continue to live in these remote mountain villages. You are also walking through a region with a recent and poignant political history, with memories still raw. This adds to the richness of the trekking experience and you need to be sensitive to it.