Mountain Tops

‘Peaks’ of the Balkans is a bit of a misnomer; the route doesn’t take you to the top of any mountains! However, though most mountain peaks in this area, especially in Albania, are for rock climbers only, there are some fine peaks which can be taken in by experienced walkers as part of their trekking day. Recommended are:


Hajla Peak 2403m Rugova, Kosovo

  • Kosovo.  Hajla Peak 2403m in Rugova. A beautiful, easy walking ridge along the Kosovo/Montenegro border. Great views and wonderful flowers.
  • Montenegro. Visitor 2210m above Plav, Montenegro. Talijanka 2015m in Volušnica above the Grbaje valley.  This relatively easy peak is on the Montenegro/Albanian border, complete with Communist era frontier posts, an evocative place. It needs a full day’s detour from the PoB trail but can be part of a trekking route between Gusinje and Lëpushë.


    M.Karanfili 2240m from near Talijank

  • Albania.  Maja Arapit 2217m. This dramatic peak does involve rock scrambling and
    steep ground but it is an amazing viewpoint, looking straight down to Thethi and the Shala Valley to the west and Vuthaj and Ropojana to the east. It can be taken in on the day’s walk from Vuthaj to Thethi but it does make that already long walk into one of 11 hours or more.
  • The ‘Tri-point’.   Tromeda’ in Montenegrin, ‘Trekufini’ in Albanian, 2365m in any language! A highly symbolic
    BALKANS 2013 091

    Doberdol, Albania. Tri-point in centre

    peak because it is where the three countries of B3P meet, directly above the high and remote summer village of Doberdol 1813m in Albania, an important stage and simple accommodation point on the PoB trail. It is a short and easy walk from the PoB trail but at the beginning or end of an 8 or 9 hour day!