When B3P did its first cross-border trek in 2003 there were virtually no maps available of a suitable scale for walking. We had one Russian army map dated 1942 (labelled ‘Secret’!) and we saw some Montenegrin friends with a 1:200,000 map dated 1976. Now, however, there are several good walking maps covering all or part of the B3P area:

  • 1:75,000 “Prokletije – Planinarska Karta”, a former Yugoslav map from 1966. Not very practical for walking but beautifully produced, a historic treasure!  It covers the whole trekking area except for the village of Thethi itself.  Still available, we believe, in Peja and maybe Plav shops.
  • 1:60,000 “Peaks of the Balkans” – cross-border hiking Albania – Kosovo – Montenegro. Published by Huber Verlag in Germany. A very good, well-designed map, cartographically excellent, specially produced for the PoB trail in 2013, with route descriptions in English and GPS data for each of the 10 stages.
  • 1:50,000 “Wanderkarte NORDALBANIEN Thethi and Kelmend”. A high quality map of the Albanian B3P area, published by Huber Verlag, together with a guidebook, “Hiking Guide NORTHERN ALBANIA Thethi and Kelmend”  by Christian Zindel and Barbara Haussamann in German and English. This isn’t a cross-border map as such, it is much more a guide to 17 walks in the Thethi and Vermosh/Lëpushë region.
  • 1:50,000 “PROKLETIJE planinarenje I biciklizam”  Another Huber Verlag map from about 2012.  It shows walking routes and mountain biking trails based on Plav and Gusinje in Montenegro. Route descriptions are on the back in Montenegrin and English. Unfortunately, the map shows Kosovo as ‘Serbia’, not appreciated in Kosovo which became independent from Serbia in 2008.
  • These last three maps are available in the UK from Stanfords Map Shop in London or from Amazon.