Helpful People and Organizations

We have found these people and organisations to be friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and efficient, in some cases highly professional:

  • Peja, Kosovo.. Lendita Hyseni,, at Kosovo Outdoor
  • Admir Lalić,  Admir Works for the Prokletije National Park as their Visitor and Education Officer in Gusinje.
  • Pavlin Polia lives in Thethi where he has his own guesthouse and operates as an independent tour organizer.   Lendita, Admir and Pavlin work in close cooperation in arranging cross-border treks between the three countries.
  • ‘Zbulo’, which means  ‘Explore’ in Albanian .  Endrit Shima, and his colleague Ricardo Fahrig,  work from their office in Tirana offering  a wide range of mountain and cultural adventures in Albania, especially, but also the PoB trail  and other travel in Kosovo and Montenegro.