Cycling and Mountain Bike Touring

There are fabulous routes for cycling and mountain biking in the B3P region. For many years the Albanian mountain roads to Thethi and Vermosh were just gravel and rock, too tricky for laden mountain bikes, but by 2016 these roads will have been mostly tarmacked. For road crossings you don’t need police permission, except for the road from Peja to Plav over the Çakor  Pass which at the time of writing was still closed at Kuçiste at the head of the Rugova valley. It is worth getting permission for that because it is a magnificent cycle route, about 75km. Another fine route for mountain bikes only is from Deçan in Kosovo over Qafa Bogiqes to Babino Polje and Plav in Montenegro. That would need police permission. Any ride in B3P should finish with the superb circuit of Lake Skadar for which there is a fine cycling map available.

More details can be found on the OpenStreetMap for Cycling.

June 2012 545

Unique speciality Lilium Albanicum on M.Arapit, with Prokletije peaks forming Montenegro border behind (photo: Paul Exley 2012)