Balkan Mountain Minstrels Tour 2019



We are a band of 6 young musicians who play in the UK’s National Youth Folk Ensemble. We are coming to play and sing wherever we can all the way on a musical journey through the mountains along part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail.

Our Music

We like to take traditional folk tunes from Britain and Ireland and play them in a contemporary way, making them more relevant to people of all ages today. We also experiment and create our own tunes and songs. Come and listen to us wherever we are. It’s all FREE, it won’t cost you anything. You could even do some of our dances as well.

Your Balkans Music

We like to sing and play music from other cultures. If you are a local musician or singer in Kosova, Montenegro or Albania come and join us. We really want to learn and play your tunes and songs.

The Inspiration?

  • Making music acrossborders!
  • The vision of the Balkans Peace Park Project (B3P): communities working together in peace and friendship to protect and conserve the environment of their uniquely beautiful Prokletije –Bjeshkët e Nemuna mountain range
  • ERA (Environmentally Responsible Action) in Peja: helping young people across borders to experience and appreciate their wonderful environment.
  • We are also playing and singing for the rivers and against the hydroelectricity dams.

The Organizers

Richard Hargreaves in UK
Lendita Hyseni at Kosova Outdoor in Peja