2018 Summer Programmes

Transboundary Summer Program at Hajla in Kosovo

An environmental transboundary summer school for youth took place in Rugovo on July 18th-23rd, 2018 as a collaboration between B3P, EcoAlbania in Albania,  ERA group in Kosovo and Green Home in Montenegro.

20 participants from Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania were part of this 6-day exchange program. The program was held at ERA’s “Sustainable Mountains Education Center” in Hajla, Rugovo. Situated at 2000 m altitude, the group experienced the beauty of the National Park “Bjeshkët e Namuna” and the importance of wildlife preservation.

Youth group from the different countries became part of discussions on topics regarding the most “pressing environmental issues” and hands-on demonstrations of environmentally-friendly practices.

Photos from EcoAlbania’s report

Participants at the Sustainable Mountains Education Center” in Hajla, Rugovo. Foto: I. Angoni/EcoAlbania During the outdoor activities on the the peak of Hajla Mountain, at 2403 m.



Lepushe, Albania: 23 July- 3 August


Theth, Albania: 6 August – 17 August



Valbona, Albania: 20 August – 31 August